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12.06.2019Final evaluation meeting

In this meeting the entire project implementation is evaluated and all deliverables presented, and project management issues finalized. Meeting was organized by BAU and took place in Turkey.

11.07.2019Final Conference

Final Conference was organized by BAU in Istanbul, Turkey on 11 July 2019 to formally launch the portal and the mobile application to the women. The purpose of this big event is to increase awareness of our tools and platform. For that not just woman returnees but those organizations who are relevant to this field were also be invited so that they can use and disseminate the final outputs of this project. A demo presentation on the use of online and mobile tool is given. Each partner presented their experience and provided valuable feedback based on piloting results on CCSP-W project.

04-05.04.2019Pilot testing summary meeting

A framework for the pilot testing activities was clarified. Besides, necessary improvements and issues related to project management were discussed. Meeting was organized by IASIS and took place in Athens, Greece.

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18-19.10.2018Pilot study meeting

Draft version of the system was presented and a training for portal usage was given by BIS. Meeting was organized by ITG Conseil and took place in Paris, France.

24-25.05.2018Feedback on the development of the system meeting

The proposed model was discussed and analyzed. Technical analysis of the portal was performed and recommendations were made. Quality evaluations were shared. Meeting was organized by SAN and took place in Lodz, Poland.

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26-27.10.2017Discussion meeting on developed model IO-2

The aim is to sum up the work done on the model in each country (description of competences and predispositions, categorizing and ranging predispositions and competences, analysis of qualifications, description of predispositions). Meeting took place in France.

27-28.04.2017Discussion Meeting on Need Analysis

The results of the need analysis were discussed in this meeting. Meeting took place in England.

6-7.02.2016Kick-off meeting

Ideas, responsibilities, and timetable were clarified, bilateral contracts were signed, tasks were divided and all project details were discussed. Meeting took place in Turkey