What We Do ?

Web Portal

Web site part will include general information about the project and specific sections to fulfill the requirements of the project aim. This output will be designed to combine web-site and other tools such as resume builder, coaching platform and knowledge base. Protean Career Management which is a contemporary career management approach where the focus is on subjective preferences for self managed career will also be provided. This output will be the main tool in this project to provide multiple communication channels to the users. This platform will help them to communicate with each other and the project coordinators from their designated country.

This portal will be in Turkish, English, Greek, French and Polish so all outcomes will be provided in multiple languages. The Online portal will be integrated with social media accounts (e.g., Facebook). Any new friends on social media accounts that matches the common circle will be immediately shown in the portal. One of the aim of this portal to provide coaching for those unemployed women to get back to professional work life.


Online Mobile Application

This output is essential for woman returnees to have mobile accessibility and get used to mobile social applications.

The advantage of this output that it will help with the dissemination of the project faster and make use of social media integration seamlessly and help grow knowledge base to benefit others.

The mobile application platform will consist of all functions of the web portal so that it will give higher level of accessibility to woman returnees.

Model For Carrier Come Back

This output will be designed according to the need analysis and it will be the main frame of following outputs. This output will establish the detailed model how the materials, software and platform will be used for the aim of this project. Leading organization and partners will revise existing national requirements, regulations concerning necessities for the proposed platforms and software. Also, partners will finalize milestones according to the model. The model will consist of detailed explanation of each steps that are going to be completed in the following outputs. All contents for software related work will be designed in this output.

The curriculum will be designed to primarily provide the support and confidence that women returnees need to achieve their career goals. The details of the curriculum will be discussed with the partners and women. The proposed structure of the curriculum will be in two sections:
  • the contemporary business needs for the women returnees (social media skills, resume writing)
  • information to facilitate reemployment and/or entrepreneurship (women specific fundings, policy for entrepreneurship, etc.)
The curriculum will deliver guidance and sample learning materials.
A workshop is planned in Poland to evaluate the training programme content and delivery.
Generally speaking, accelerated competitivenes in the contemporary business life leads to tougher conditions in career comeback especially for women. However, as in many other fields, there still are significant differences among various national cultures in terms of attitudes towards woman workforce. Hence, a very first step in a project for leveraging biased conditions between genders should be a detailed needs analysis that considers such cultural differences. The needs analysis report in this study will include;
  • A realistic view on what the current state-of-the-art in the field is,
  • An analysis on the women's needs for a problem-free comeback experience,
  • National differences in the aforementioned issues,
  • Guidelines and suggestions from the target group about how other outputs will be developed, and
  • General e-Platform (website and mobile application) preferences

In Pilot Study

In this output, each partner will run pilot testing procedure in own country (100 women that are willing to join work environment - 5 countries, so each partner will have to engage around 20 respondents). In this output, entire program will be tested including software, platform, curriculum and materials before actual launch of them to woman returnees. All respondents will return their feedback results to activity leading organization of this output (IASIS). QEEP team will also help with this procedure to IASIS in terms of quality level of results. These feedbacks will be organized and accordingly there will be a discussion meeting organized in France In October 2018. In this meeting all feedbacks will be revised and accordingly the previous outputs will be updated and the next output contents will be designed.